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Pek op Noord (Pek in North) is founded for the entrepreneurs in and around the Van der Pekstraat. There is the street market and the themed market, but it’s more than that. There are small shops in the street and neighbourhood initiatives who support the district as well. Combined they are Pek op Noord.

The street market (Mospleinmarkt), since 1920 a household name in Amsterdam-Noord, moved in September 2014 to its new accommodation: the Van der Pekstraat. All the familiar faces of this market moved along with it, but there is also room for new entrepreneurs. As of October the new vendors with vintage, design, crafts, food and art will join the street market in Amsterdam-Noord. Together we are the Pekmarkt.

There are seasoned market vendors who know all the tricks of the trade and new vendors who enrich the market with their products. They need each other to make a successful and most unique market of Amsterdam. The well-known hard-hitting mentality together with enthusiast, make people curious. All of them love their products and want to sell it on the Pekmarkt.

Some families which have been working for over 40 years in markets inspire the young entrepreneurs; the pride they have, how authentic they are, hardworking, blunt, tough and persistent. The new vendors, in turn surprise the skilled marketeers with their resourcefulness, new approaches, dreams and boldness. Together we create the Pekmarkt.

You can run your daily errands in the Pekmarkt or go shopping for special gifts and culinary surprises. The Pekmarkt is a platform for crafts, good buys, special skills and all other products with a story. A vibrant market to walk around and above all a hang out for neighbours, friends, locals and global citizens.

Together we create the market.We, with you!


Pek Food, Goods & Farmers Market
  • Street Market

    The Mospleinmarkt offers three days a week a wide variety of food and non-food products. You can find great quality for a good price. The vendors on the street market share their knowledge and are able to tell lots of stories and provide you of good advice, tips and tricks and so much more. The street market has a nice and authentic atmosphere where new things are waiting to be discovered. It has everything for your daily errands. Vegetables, fruit, flowers, candy, bread, fish, poultry, wall paper and textiles. Look around, explore and discover!

  • Amsterdam Food, Goods & Farmers Market
  • Farmers Market

    Good and healthy food is the main focus of the Friday market. Local farmers sell their organic produce and chefs from Amsterdam cook healthy meals for you to take away or to eat on the spot. You can buy freshly baked cakes, homemade sausages, a veggie burger, honey from a local beekeeper or homemade jam. If you want to know what’s in the product, just ask the maker!
    Not everything is organic, but everything is sustainably produced. Some of the traders are t producers hemselves – they often grow, rear or bake the food that they sell. Others are importers with an intimate knowledge of where their products come from. It is traditional and organic food with a story.

  • Food, Goods & Farmers Market
  • Mixed Market

    A free Saturday is spent best strolling around and discovering new treasures. On the Mixed market on Saturday, traders and craftspeople from around meet here. There’s something for everybody: the roll of wallpaper to give your bedroom an upgrade, the second-hand Burberry coat right in time for fall, the perfect gift for your cousin. Vintage and design, homemade and healthy, bargain hunters and curiosa collectors. Everybody is here. And if you’re not here for your groceries, you are probably here just for the lovely and vibrant atmosphere.
    On Saturday musicians and artists join the Pekmarkt and present their latest work. The Pekmarkt wants to enrich the neighbourhood with a market where two different worlds meet. Authenticity with a dash of novelty. The place where you want to be and where you will be surprised endlessly.
    A real market, with real people.